Rocca dietro la vigna

Azienda Agricola Cascina Piano (by Franco Berrini and Family) (IGT Ronchi Varesini)

October 2016 – Meteorologically the day is not good, rain and fog, however they will not stop us from spending a nice day with our friends.

Program: visit to a wine-growing company above Angera, Lake Verbano, seems to be very characteristic of generations in the area and with a particular production, I am curious to know this reality ….

The road to get there is narrow-minded, almost cobbled, almost a trencher, and is crushed by the highway on the hillside, between wrecks that hide other buildings, villas and other wonder.

Luckily after a couple of miles we arrived, gate entry then a steep climb and we are in the yard in front of the building that houses the farm.

We park in front of the wood under two huge and old horse chestnuts with yellow and semi-spotted foliage, but from the warm fall colors of autumn, we welcome the Bernini family, Mr. Franco, his daughter and the generous who will take us guided tour Vineyards and cellar.


After passing the construction, open the vineyards and through a path we enter the nebbiolo and merlot rows, with splendid views over the famous “Rocca di Angera” and further below the lake of Verbano. Yes, yes, we are on top of a hill, it’s just from this floor, at the top of the hill, which derives the Company’s name.

rocca dietro la vigna

Think of peace and spectacle selling in such a scenario … ..

As we enter, among the rows of clay and nebula, Mr. Franco tells us about the vineyards, the distance between one screw and the other according to the type of grapes, if Merlot is good at 40 cm, if Nebbiolo at least 80 cm. It explains in simple words the particular environmental characteristic and the microclimate of this seagull and of the underlying slopes, and of that even more particular, where the vines of Malvasia (for the mold) and the Chardonnay and the Bussanello are still alive.

The Bussanello, explains Mr. Franco, is an autochthonous grape, a result of a cross between Riesling Italico and Furmint (Tokaj), with a scent of fine and intense floral and fruity aromas (notes of jasmine, pear and red apple) Which Cascina Piano uses in assembly at Chardonnay to make San Quirico.

Wine-growing company for generations, experience, passion, love for what they do and how they do it, thanks to the great experience related to the knowledge of the land and its climatic characteristics that this year tell us, saved the vineyards and Grape from the plague of the mildew that struck the vineyards in that area.

We would still have remained in the rows, fascinated by explanations, tales and anecdotes, but the cellar waits for us, we go back to the indoor to taste, or rather taste the fruit of so much effort; Or so we believed!

We had forgotten about vinification, the process that boasts of the wise and patient man’s work; I would also add far-sighted results.

San Quirico, Primenebbie, Angliano, Mott Carè ……., Stop. We stop.

We would not want to exaggerate, or rather, we would like to avoid losing patent points!

We reluctantly relinquish Franco and his family (and his wines), but not empty-handed, we make an appointment in the spring of the blooming period of the vines. Meanwhile, snapping a Primenebbie or an Angliano, or savoring a Mott Carè, we clap in the memory of that hill.

(Roberto Matetich)